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Welcome to the website of the Noahide World Center in Jerusalem. Our goal is to provide a resource for people around the world interested in Noahides.
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  • Q: Why did G-d separate the human species into men and women? (This question is related to the prohibition, "Do not commit adultery.")

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  • Q: Can you recommend any books for Bnei Noach? What do you recommend for an in-depth study of the Seven Mitzvot? Is there halachic literature for Bnei Noach?

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  • Q: What are the in-depth reasons for prohibiting the Jews to eat pork? French culture is steeped in the custom of eating pork, should a Noahide refrain from eating it?

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  • Q: My wife is still a believer in Jesus and she was basically raised with a messianic Judaism understanding. After several months of searching as unbiased as I could, I concluded that I had been believing in falsehood. Is it okay to keep my mouth shut about any of this to keep my family together?

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  • Q: I would like to recite Psalms 23 and 25 as prayers, but I have heard that it is not good to read them at night

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  • Q: Why exactly is 27 Cheshvan celebrated? Isn't this "creating a new religion"?
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